What will you experience?

  • Snowkiting
  • Riding and fly from hills
  • Polar lights
  • Magical nature of Tundra
SNOW There is an immense plenty of snow. It’s soft, fluffy and weightless. The feeling of fly and unlimited freedom appears when you ride on this snow. It’s safe to practice freestyle tricks, high jumps and long flies.
WIND is strong and stable, like someone turns a huge blow dryer every morning on.
The End of the Earth You are standing on the edge of the Earth. There is only the Arctic Ocean and the North Pole in the front of you.

Teriberka settlement

  • Settlement is located in 130 km from Murmansk on the coast of the Barents Sea
  • The temperature is -2/-10( at night) degrees in April. The wind statistic is perfect. The wind blows 90% of the time. The depth of snow is 1-2meters. We meet you in Murmansk and transfer to Teriberka


For independent kiters , who has their own equipment

600 euro

Beginners, who needs lessons or equipment for rent

850 euro

The price includes:

  • Accommodation (in our nice house)
  • Transfer (-1. from/to the airport 2. Every day to the spot)
  • Food (breakfast and dinner at home cooked by a chef / lunch on kite-spots in lunchboxes and thermoses)
  • Snowmobiles (for down and crosswind trips / for the rescue)
  • Russian Sauns (once per week)
  • Guiding
  • Not included: flights / visa


We have our own house for 15 people

Accommodation are comfortable

2-3 persons in one room

Sea view

The house is situated on the hill with a sea view and we’ve got space for barbecue

Our program

Day 1:

Arrival in Murmansk / transfer to Teriberka / lunch / walking around / hot welcome wine next to fire place / dinner

Day 2-6:

Snowkiting days / morning physical exercises / breakfast / transfer to kiting spot / snowkiting / lunch / nowkiting / dinner / evening’s entertainment

Day 7:

Early wake up/ breakfast / transfer to Murmansk

What do you need to take?

  • Kite equipment
  • Snowboard or ski
  • Ski cloths (better overall)
  • Walking warm shoes
  • Termal underwear
  • Helmet
  • Protection for the knees/elbows/tail bone (optional)
  • Snow gaggles
  • Sunscreen, sun glasses
  • Warm mittens or gloves ( 2 paar) / warm socks
  • Roll face
  • Slippers for the house/ sauna
  • Dryer for shoes